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~~ FUDGE ~~

                                                                    PUPPY CHOW

                                                                                    Chocolate Cereal Munchies
                                                                                    Covered in 10X Sugar

                                                                          Gallon Ziploc Bag
~~ SNACKS ~~

                                                                        "OH" SO GOOD PRETZEL BITES

                                                                            Deliciously seasoned pretzel pieces
                                                                            Big bag
                                                                            If you Like the taste of GARLIC - you'll                                                                                 enjoy the taste of these pretzel bites

                                                                                        Almost a pound

                                                                    PRETZEL STIX

                                                                              The tips are covered in Chocolate.
                                                                               Decorated for your Special Occasion!

                                            per dozen

                                                                                            S&S SNACK MIX

                                                                                Hard to describe but what a great taste
                                                                        Cereal/Pnuts/Cheese Crackers/Pecans/
                                                                        Pretzels/ and so on and so on.

                                                 12oz bag

                                                                                PEPPERMINT BARK

                                                                                    Crunchy pieces of "PepperMinty" 
                                                                                            tasting bark. Made with white

                                                                                    $9 per pound

                                                           PEANUT BUTTER BARK

                                                          PEANUT BUTTER, white and chocolate morsels

                                                                $9 per pound           

                                                                        RAYS PEANUT BRITTLE

                                                                                        An old Family Homemade recipe

                                                                                $10 per pound
~~ BARK ~~
On this page you will find:

                                                                           BUCK EYES

                                                                        Bite sized balls of    PEANUT BUTTER
                                                                                      Then dipped in chocolate
                                                                                                Then you eat

                                                                                             12 count                                                                                                                        $12.25 

                                                                    POTATO HAYSTAX                                  
                                                                        Potato sticks, butterscotch and PEANUTS.
                                                                        Looks like little haystacks, but taste sooo                                                                                     much better

                                                                        Approx 25-30 stax

                                                                                COOKIE  FUDGE

                                                                                                 Chocolate Fudge with added                                                                                                         Cookies mixed in

                                                                                                $9 per pound 

Give Myra a call at  954-914-8666
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                                                OREO FUDGE

                                                                                            Made with "OREOS", chocolate,                                                                                                         fluff and milk
                                                                                            Wait till you taste this!

                                                                                                $9 per pound  

These are great munchers for a Baby Shower or Bridal Show
Can be colored in any color chocolate to match the ocassion 

                                                        CINNAMON SUGAR PRETZELS

                                                                                    How Sweet they are!

                                                                    You get a bag full of pretzels that have 
                                                                    been baked with cinnamon and sugar.

                                                                                Gallon Ziploc bag
Myra Neely's

                                                            CHOCOLATE KRISPIE BALLS

                                                                             Chocolate covered rice krispies and                                                                                             peanut butter

                                                                                            25 count

                                                        HALLOWEEN BITE SIZE CANDIES

                                                                            Bite sized Pumpkins
                                                                            Pick your colors

                                                                         approx. 30 to a bag

          PECAN SWEETS

    Sweetly roasted PECANS

                6oz bag


                                                                PATRIOTIC     STARS

                                                                                    Bite sized stars
                                                                                    Red White and Blue 

                                                                                    12 of each color


                                                                    PUMPKIN SEED BRITTLE

                                                                                    Brittle mixture (sugar & corn syrup)                                                                                                 with added Pumpkin Seeds

                                                                            $10 per pound

                                         PEPPERMINT PATTY FUDGE

                                                                                            A nice rich chocolate fudge with                                                                                 plenty of Peppermint Patty's in every bite

                                                                                                $9.50 per pound  

                                                                            CANDY CORN BARK 

                                                                        Do you like CANDY CORN??
                                                                        Here's a Bark for you

                                                                            $9 per pound

                                                                            PB CUP BARK

                                                                                       Chocolate flavored bark with added
                                                                                        PEANUTS and PEANUT BUTTER                                                                                         CUPS

                                                                                    $9 per pound

                                                BUCKEYE FUDGE

                                                                                            Taste like a Reese's 
                                                                                Peanut Butter  Cup

                                                                                                $9.50 per pound  

                                         CANDY CANE FUDGE

                                                                                            Tasty, like a Candy Cane.. Has bits                                                                                             of Candy Canes
                                                                                                $9.50 per pound  

                                                                            GUMDROP  BARK

                                                                                            White chocolate with added                                                                                             GumDrops

                                                                                    $9 per pound

                                                               MINT CHOCOLATE BARK

                                                                              How about some white chocolate turned                                                                               green, chocolate, and Creme de Menthe

                                                                                                                                                                                                            $10.25 per pound

Purchase in a 10oz container or 3 oz container

Made of PECANS, Crispix cereal, brown sugar, karo syrup, butter

10 oz Container   $10
3 oz Container   $4