This is an ALL TIME Favorite

                                            Coffee Cake made with Graham Crackers
                                *Pecans are optional*

                                    13"x9"x2" pan
                                PUMPKIN DESSERT BAR

                                Pumpkin flavored

                                       13"x9"x2" pan 

Crust on top and on bottom, then filled with a delicious
 cherry and cheese filling.

            Fillings available are:  
        Apple         Cherry
            Peach        Strawberry
        Blueberriy       Raspberry


13"x9"x1" pan
                        LEMON LIME CHEESE BAR

                                Yum Lemony with a touch of Limey 
                    flavor cheese cake bar.

                                13"x9"x2" pan
                             BANANA CREAM PAN

                                                Cookie bottom topped with banana                                                     filling  and fresh bananas

                                    13"x9"x2" pan
                        MINI-CINNY BISCUITS

                                    A platter of Mini bite-sized Cinnamon rolls         with a little Biscuity taste.
                    Made from scratch with added:
                            cinnamon, sugar and pecans

                approx 26 count   
                            LEMON BLUEBERRY CRUMB

                                        A crusty bottom - cheesy filling - topped                                         with FRESH Blueberries - crumbly topping

                                                13"x9"x2" pan
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                                            SOCK IT TO ME

                                                  Moist cake with added                                                          PECANS or  WALNUTS and a 
                                                    center of brown sugar and                                     cinnamon

                    BREAKFAST CROISSANTS

                                                           Croissants baked with a cinnamon/sugar filling.
                                                        Can be filled with raisins, mini chocolate chips
        and or walnuts​
                                                 A nice sugar glaze lightly sprinkled on top

                                    16 count   $12.50
                                PUMPKIN POPS

                                              A mixture of pumpkin, raisins, WALNUTS,
                                    and all the regular mixings of bread.
                        Baked in a petite fluted pan.
                                      Makes a delicious breakfast bite, an                                          after noon bite or a dessert pop in the mouth.

                                                        $ 11.50  24 count                    
                                     LEMON TEA CAKES

.                                            Lemony flavored, miniature 1-bite cakes,
                                                  Try not to eat them all in one sitting.

                                        $ 16
                                         approx 30 count