PEANUT BUTTER 

                            Peanut Butter - (no nuts unless                                                 requested)                
                                      Plus all the good ingredients to                                             make them delicious.

                    PEPPERMINT SHORTS 

                                    Like the taste of Peppermint?  
                                    Covered with light peppermint                                     icing and sprinkled with sugar

                                            *For a Holiday, I'll sprinkle                                             with colored sprinkles*                                  


                                        Touch of KeyLime flavor and a                                         sweet Keylime icing on top

            CINNAMON COIN 

                                    Tiny Cookies 
                                        (about the size of a quarter) 
                                    with a luscious flavor of                                     Cinnamon and A bit crunchy.

                 CHOCOLATE TOFFEE DIPS 

                                    Toffee flavored cookies 
                                    Dipped in a sweet chocolate

ALL of my COOKIES are made from S C R A T C H

CAKE CRAZE's Cookies are sold as shown below.
Flavors can be mixed by 12's.


12 Cookies  =    $6.95             24 Cookies  =   $8.95

36 Cookies  =  $16.95              48 Cookies  =  $17.95

Add $5.95 for every addition 12 cookies after the 48.
Flavors can be mixed!

                CHOCOLATE CHIP 

                            What else can I say?


                                     You will LOVE the flavor.                                                     Better than a regular                                         sugar cookie. 
                                        Has a secret ingredient                                                       you wouldn't believe!
Smaller Pictures can be Clicked on to make a Larger Picture

                PECAN ROLLS

                                            Sweetly tasting butter cookies                                             shaped in a roll with just the                                             right amount of PECANS                                             mixed in

Call Myra at 954-914-8666

            CHERRY KISS

                                     If you like cherries you will                                                        enjoy these. 
                                       Chopped cherries and cherry                                                 juice in the mix.  
                                       Topped with a KISS.

           RED VELVET

                                          Red Velvet cake shortcut.                                                    Eat a few cookies instead!                                                 Added white chocolate chunks


                        It's a Chocolate cookie with OREOS
           added. If you like OREOs 
                !! you'll love these !!

Myra Neely's

                    NUTTY CHOCOLATE BITES

                                                      It's a cookie bottom,
                                                      Then a mixture of MIXED NUTS 
                                                        with added dark chocolate 
                                                        and marshmallow crème.

​                        $11.00 for 20


                                    Those cinnamon/sugar flavored                                           cookies that aren't cinnamon,                                     but have a great taste



Cookies below this Cookie Line are priced as shown.

                APPLE RAISIN

                                        Apples, Raisins and Walnuts all                                         mixed together. Great chewy                                          taste.