in any amount or you may specify for a certain SWEET

                                                             COFFEE CUP

                                                                 Want to give this friend a small gift for                                                                             their birthday or other event?

                                                                               For $10.00
                                                              I'll supply a coffee cup, a tea bag or 
                                                                    instant coffee.   
                                                             Then I'll add a small snack bag of
                                                                    any Snack I carry.

                                                            BUCKET OF COOKIES

                                                                        A small sand BUCKET filled with
                                                                            a bag of any Flavor Cookies
                                                                                     of your choice.

                                                                           Cute gift for a child.


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Here's a few small gift ideas
Check them out and figure out who you know might just like one of these!
If you have an idea of another Gift Idea you would want , let me know.
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                                      BOTTLE of WINE

                                                        Giving a gift of Wine??????
                                                        Think of purchasing a bag of snacks to attach                                                                     to the bottle

                                                                                $7 per small bag


A Tray full of goodies.
Mini loaf of Pumpkin Bread,
 Bag of Peppermint Bark
Bag of Pretzel Bark
10 Sugar Cookies to the left
10 Chocolate Cookies to the right
Candies, M&Ms

Wrapping & candies will match 
the Holiday (if there is one).