Lemon flavor cake
                                    Lemon Cream Filling
                                            Lemon slices as a topper
                            3 Layers


                                    PUMPKIN TORTE

                                                    Yellow Pumpkin Flavor Cake
                                                CoolWhip Pumpkin Filling
                                                    Pecans Chopped on Top with
                                   Caramel Drippings


                                CHOCOLATE OREO

                                Chocolate cake with 
                                         Cookie Oreo Cream Filling.
                                                                    Topped with a deep rich chocolate covering 


Chocolate Oreo

                                        ANY DAY 

                                                                                 Any occasion cake. 
                                                                                 Your flavor cake. 
                                                                                 Buttercream icing 
                                                                                 Decorative Pirouettes 
                                                                                            around outside. 
                                                                                 Pick your color ribbon.


                                                        CHOCOLATE LOVERS CHOCOLATE 

                                       Deep Dark Chocolate cake
                                                   Icing, another rich chocolate flavor


                               COOKIES DELIGHT CUPCAKES

                                        Cupcakes made with cookies in the mix.
                                        Buttercream Icing with cookie sprinkles 
      on top.


                                                                      MINI CUPCAKES

                                                         Choose Cake Flavor
                                                    Buttercream Icing
                                                                   Choose Designs/Decor

                                                                $8.95 for 24 
                                                              $15  for  50


                                            Pick your Cake Flavor
                                            Pick your Simple Design

                                                                          These Cupcakes have no extra cake flavorings.
                                                                     CUPCAKEs made during Holiday times with 
                                                                                 ~ Holiday Themes might have an added fee ~ 

                                                                            $6.75  12 Reg             
                                                                                   $10.75  24 Reg

                                        CHOCOLATE COOKIE 

                                                It's a Chocolate Chip Cookie 
                                                Trim is Fudge or Buttercream


 ~~ CUPCAKES (here) CAKES (below) ~~

                                                   ICE CREAM CONE CUPCAKES

                                                         Cupcakes made in Ice Cream Cones                                     Decorated to your liking!

                                         $8.25  12

                                STRAWBERRIES N CREAM  

White cake flavor
                    A Luscious creamy filling with 
                                                        sliced strawberries spread between the two layers
                       then the creamy filling on top
                                        Finished off with fresh strawberries on top


                                PNUT BUTTER CUPCAKES

                                              If you like  PEANUT BUTTER cups and 
                                              the taste of PEANUT BUTTER.
                                                    ~ these are for you!! ~
                                                 Even the frosting has PEANUT BUTTER 

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                   MINI MAPLE CUPCAKES

​                       25 mini maple flavored cupcakes
                    Icing has a touch of maple, too!

             Only MINI size

                           CINNAMON CUPCAKES
                         Nicely flavored cinnamon cupcakes.
                            Icing has  touch of cinnamon, also.

                    Only MINI size

                                               LEMON CREAM CHEESE CUPCAKES

                                      White cupcake flavored Lemon
                                                   Icing - Lemon cream cheese           

               KEYLIME  CUPCAKES

                                A lightly flavored Key Lime cupcake,
                                   With a lightly flavored Key Lime icing  
                     And a sprinkle of zest on top.

~~ CAKES ~~
Some Past Achievements from Our Early Days of CAKE CRAZE
Some of my smaller pictures can be clicked on and made bigger

                                               PUMPKIN CUPCAKES

                                                 Pumpkin flavored cupcakes.
                                              Cream Cheese frosting with a few sprinkles 
                                            to match the holiday

Regular Sized Cupcakes  - 12 count   $10

Mini Sized Cupcakes            24 count $10

Unless specifically priced